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Landscape Photographer Franz Tangermann

Born in Dahn in 1957, has lived in Bad Bergzabern since 1983. Already during my apprenticeship as a dental technician, the analogous photography had inspired me. The digital time began with a Nikon CoolPix and a reflex camera of the Pentax brand 2012 followed my entry to my current Kleinbild-System and 2014 a medium format system was added.At the moment I am working with a Leica M10P, plus various lenses and my Hasselblad H5D.Several journeys lead me to the north of Europe, like Iceland, Norway, Sweden and even beyond, to Greenland, South Africa and the USA.
My home region, the Southern Wine Route and, of course, the nearby Alsace are always fascinating me.
Some of my recordings are on under the name "franz_t"; many pictures were already excellent, were on the homepage and are also noted in the galleries.
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